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Who is Lindmeier CAD Solutions

Lindmeier CAD Solutions LLC. was started in 2023 by owner/operator Patrick Lindmeier. Based in Berks County, PA, LCS was created out of a growing need for quality engineering assistance in industry. After working several years in the industrial manufacturing world, Patrick saw that many companies struggled with two of the same issues. Companies either did not have the resources to produce CAD drawings and models for themselves or just didn't have enough resources in terms of employees to keep up with the demand for CAD and subsequent fabrication. It was from this insight that Lindmeier CAD Solutions was born.

Patrick Lindmeier


Commonly Asked Questions:


Are you insured?

Lindmeier CAD Solutions is a fully insured limited liability corporation in the state of Pennsylvannia and can provide proof of insurance if that is requirement of your corporation in order to work together. 


What area's do you service?

Although we primarily do work in the Berks and other greater Philadelphia counties we are more than happy to work with anyone in the Pennsylvannia tristate area and beyond! 

Proprietary Information

Are you willing to sign NDAs?

We are more than willing to sign any NDA or other confidentiality agreements when dealing with your drawings and technology.

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